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To order a delivery of heating oil call (206) 783-0241

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Please have the following information ready.

  1. Name of Purchaser
  2. Delivery Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Amount of Oil to Deliver (fill tank, 100-only, 175-only, etc.)
  5. Location of Fill Pipe (front right side, under rhody in center of back yard, etc.)
  6. Are there any Obstacles (Locked Gate, Car over Fill Pipe, Dogs, etc.)
  7. Current Measurement
  8. Payment Information (Credit/Debit Card Number, etc.)

To sign up for a heating oil service account, just complete the following steps.

  1. Read below and this page for more details about our services.

  2. Download the account application (below).

  3. Fill out and return to Ballard Oil Company.

Account Application  (Adobe Acrobat® reader required)

Furnace Maintenance Agreement  (Adobe Acrobat® reader required)

Tank Replacement Contract  (Adobe Acrobat® reader required)

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Automatic Refill Service

Ballard Oil Company will fill your tank at intervals based upon the industry standard degree-day system. To qualify, tank usable capacity must be a minimum of 275 gallons. A delivery is normally scheduled when your tank is approximately 1/3 full. Ballard Oil Company will repair your furnace with no labor charge for conditions directly related to running out of oil caused by Ballard Oil Company’s negligence while you are on automatic refill service. This applies only to customers whose accounts are in good standing, and does not cover repairs to the tank or lines connecting to the furnace.

You must notify Ballard Oil Company in writing if you wish to change or terminate automatic service. You will be responsible for all deliveries unless we are notified.

Special discounts are normally given for prompt pay making automatic service the most cost effective and dependable service available.

Will Call Service

The customer is responsible for notifying Ballard Oil Company for their oil delivery. If you let yourself run out of oil, Ballard Oil Company will not be liable for the costs if repairs to your furnace are necessary. Our service department will bill the repairs at the normal rates in effect at the time.

Sometimes discounts are given for prompt pay if the customer gives timely notice for the oil delivery. Please check with our office for the current policy.

15 Day Discount / Net 30

The full amount of your delivery charge is due 30 days from the date delivered. If the invoice states a discount, that amount can be subtracted from the total due when paid within 15 days of delivery date. You must include the green copy of the invoice with your payment to qualify. If your account has enough of a credit balance to pay for the delivery, you can still qualify for the discount by returning the green copy of the invoice within 15 days of delivery. This includes budget accounts.

Budget Accounts

Budgets: Monthly budget payments must be paid by the 20th of each month. These amounts are updated from time to time to account for changes in your usage and for changes in the price of oil. You will be notified of the budget amount required. Please avoid Finance Charges by paying on time each month.

Deposits: At any time the customer can deposit an amount to their account to pay for a future delivery. This technique is useful for customers to take advantage of automatic refill service, but do not wish to open a credit account.

Credit Cards

Credit Card Guarantee

Check this box on the application if you wish to have your credit card charged automatically when your account becomes past due. You also must supply current credit card information.

Always Charge to Credit Card

Check this box on the application if you wish to have your credit card charged automatically for each delivery. You also must supply current credit card information. Prompt pay discounts may be limited for credit card payments. Check with our office for the current policy.

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